Glass Cover- Morning Glory Flower


Brand Switchables

Our beautifully crafted Morning Glory Flower with 3-D hummingbird design measures @ 4" tall x 3.5" wide. Available in a beautiful teal flower with light purple hummingbird body with textured clear wings OR a transparent purple flower with a light purple hummingbird body and textured clear wings. 

Use this or any of our Switchables as a Nightlight, a sun-catcher, ornament, or Table top décor (All accessories are sold separately.) Please note our patented nightlight plug is not included with glass covers and is sold separately here:  PLUG 

  • Photos shown on our handmade table lamp (white) and our SWR Plug. These are NOT included with glass cover purchase. 
  • Stained glass is variegated as well as each design is hand painted~ no two will look exactly alike. Stained glass is made in large sheets, then each piece is cut, hand foiled, and soldered. Please note that some sheets of glass are 'swirly' and no two pieces will look the same. 

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