'Nightlight Plug' Rotating Base WHITE


Brand Switchables

The Prongs on our patented Nightlight Plug rotates 360 degrees to fit in any outlet in the US and Canada.  This plug is to be used with any of our Glass Cover Designs! Just purchase this plug once, and then Switch out your covers with the season or change of décor!  

Our patented Hook and a 4 watt bulb included. 

To Rotate: Just hold the prongs in one hand and the base with your other. Twist Prongs.  If you find it difficult or too tight, just plug in upside down, and holding the Base of the plug, slowly Turn so the Shepherd hook is in the upright position.  

  *Please note our plug is patented for Switchables Stained Glass Covers Only and not for resale or retail purposes with your own goods.   

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