Welcome to the world of Switchables! I'm delighted you have taken an interest in our unique line of nightlights...and more. Nightlights are a staple of any good home décor. Children's rooms, bathrooms, kitchens....all ages alike love the warm glow of a nightlight in the dark. 

My name is Joyce Birchler.  For the past 30 years, my husband and I have built from the ground up a successful retail craft stained glass business.  Along with our children, we manufactured each piece of stained glass that we sold at art and craft shows. In 2005 my husband Bill, designed and patented what we have held as the backbone of our product line- The Nightlight Fixture. A simple shepherds hook attached to the base of a standard nightlight plug, hooked up and over the bulb, is how Switchables began. We continue to design, paint and package each item here in Massachusetts, however since 2005 Switchables are hand made by our manufacturer overseas. 

If this is your first time encountering our line, we hope that you find yourself smiling at designs we have created.  If you are a seasoned collector, welcome back! 

Light up the Night, one room at a time!

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Joyce Birchler (Owner)  joyce@switchables.net 

Dena Allread (Chief Operations Officer) dena@switchables.net

Web: www.switchables.com

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