Glass Cover- Beach Wave Rectangle/ Sand dollar


Brand Switchables

We are very excited to introduce this glass cover. We have partnered with @ej.artistry to create a one of a kind Switchables Cover. Handmade with resin please note no two will look exactly alike. You have the choice of the beach resin wave as created OR the addition of a white acrylic Sand dollar to complete this beach/ocean Switchable. 

 Please note our patented nightlight plugs are not included with glass covers and all accessories are sold separately here:  ACCESSORIES/PLUG

  • Ocean and wave design created by ej.artistry out of resin. Acrylic sand dollar and glass rectangle by Switchables stained glass.
  • This is a Fused Clear glass rectangle with hand poured resin. Resin can scratch, so please be mindful to ensure proper care. You can use a microfiber cloth and water to clean. 
  • Stained glass is variegated as well as hand painted~ no two will look exactly alike. Stained glass is made in large sheets, then each piece is cut, hand foiled, and soldered. Please note that some sheets of glass are 'swirly' and no two pieces will look the same. 
  • Want to see more of Emily's work? Find her online at

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