Wooden 3 hole Rectangle Stand / Always in Bloom Wildflowers


Brand Switchables

This handmade oak wooden rectangle measures 1 1/4" tall and 6" wide.  Made with 3 distanced holes for 3 Always in Bloom trimmed flowers. Perfect for a side table/mantle or desk. 

PLEASE NOTE: In order to get your Always in Bloom flower to fit in the drill holes, you do need to trim to size with sturdy wire cutters as this is a 2mm wire.  Each flower stem comes with a small solder drop on the base and this needs to be cut off at the length that works for you. 


*Colors may vary as each piece is handmade. On the side with 2 holes, they are drilled 2 inches apart from each other. Circle is cut, sanded and sealed for indoor use only. 

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